What’s Your Alternate Universe Self’s Dream Job?

Is alternate you an astronaut or a tech mogul?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 31, 2024
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After analyzing 60+ studies - 80, 000 Hours says they've figured out what makes a job a "dream job". They list a couple of things that they feel are overrated - such as stress levels and pay. However, the definition of a dream job comes from you and your experiences. Stress levels affect everyone differently so that's okay if it's a deal breaker and it's perfectly fine to want to make more AND be happy. It's not asking for too much - we should normalize it. Sometimes you may not get it all when you first start, but the most important thing is are YOU happy?

Let's find out if the alternate universe (insert your name here) is happy!

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Pick your favorite work environment:

Pick a hobby you enjoy:

What's your go-to to de-stress?

What would your coworkers say your superpower is?

Pick a good quality for a team:

Which of these would you wear to work?

Which way do you like to train new people at work?

Which type of work do you prefer?

Pick your work hours:

How do you commute to work?

Park Ranger!

Park Ranger!

You love sustainability and the outdoors - an alternate universe you, as a park ranger, gets to take that all in. They'd explore a bit and be a guide to those around you! Share your results with a friend.

Creative Artist!

Creative Artist!

Your alternate universe self could work in any creative field: writing, painting, cinematography, photography, etc. Yoiu have a free-spirited energy about you and you dream big! Compare your results with a friend!



Alternate universe you prefersa more structured and organized environment. You like to keep things formal and enjoy a corporate setting. You'd be at the top of your game when it comes to planning, and sticking to a schedule. Compare your results with a friend

Tech Mogul!

Tech Mogul!

You're a problem solver at heart and an innovative thinker! Your alternate universe self thrives as a big-time tech guru/mogul. They truly find fulfillment in this world of technology. Share your results with a friend!

Are you currently working your dream job?

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