What Kind of Black Friday Shopper are You? 

Are you a savvy shopper or a discount-driven shopper?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Nov 18, 2023
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How much do you know about the deal/discount-crazy holiday AFTER the holiday, Black Friday? It was first initiated by American retail trade and usually takes place every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But the deals usually keep going where, as some people prefer, you're able to take advantage of online deals during Cyber Monday. So don't fret if you're behind on Christmas, Hanukkah or other holiday shopping, there's plenty of opportunity to grab something awesome for someone else or yourself.

>> TRIVIA: How Much Do You Know About Black Friday?

What do you think is the best way to plan for Black Friday?

How do you feel about Black Friday crowds?

How do you view Black Friday as a tradition?

Which of these stores do you always hit during Black Friday?

How do you feel about online shopping on Black Friday?

How do you balance tradition and practicality on Black Friday?

What's more important during Black Friday: maximizing savings or your shopping experience?

You're shopping and come across a limited-time deal that wasn't on your list. What do you do?

You find two stores with conflicting deals at the same time - what do you do?

You spot the last item on your list for your family, but someone quickly grabs it before you. How do you react?

You're a Discount Decoder!

You're a Discount Decoder!

You always plan for this time of year! You do thorough research to get the best deals. Creating a shopping list is something you're always down to do as well as staying true to your budget. Long lines don't scare you because you're securing those discounts! Does this sound like you? Share your results with a friend!

You're a Parking Lot Rogue!

You're a Parking Lot Rogue!

Though you plan well ahead of time, you enjoy the spontaneity of Black Friday. Waiting in a parking lot for a store to open isn't unheard of for you. You always use the parking lot to gauge if it's worth going in or not - even talking to shoppers as they leave. You're open to hopping to other stores and picking up impulse purchases. Share your results with another Parking Lot Rogue!

You're a Smart & Savvy Shopper!

You're a Smart & Savvy Shopper!

You avoid the crowds and only go out for exclusive deals! You keep things smart and savvy and sometimes opt to do some online shopping so you don't have to leave your house. Does this sound like you? Share your results with a friend!

Do you prefer Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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