We Can Guess Your Age By Your Taste in Houseplants

With National Houseplant Appreciation Day upon us - let's have some fun! We bet we can guess your age based on your favorite houseplants. emoji🪴

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 9, 2023
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Happy National Houseplant Appreciation Day! As the holidays leave us and we take in a brand new year, let's be reminded of how awesome houseplants are for our moods, the look of our homes, and more important the great benefits they offer. Houseplants can make your home cooler and make the air in your home easier to breathe. Whether you have a green thumb or not there's a perfect houseplant for you!

How do you feel about a cactus as an indoor houseplant?

Easy one, pick a houseplant that you'd like guests in your house to see:

Pick a houseplant that makes you happy:

Pick your favorite Devil Ivy plant:

Which watering can are you more likely to pick up for your plants?

Pick an indoor orchid:

Which difficult plant can you take care of with ease?

Pick a Croton plant you'd have in your kitchen:

Which Tradescantia is great for your living room?

Have you ever killed a plant?

You're a teen!

You're a teen!

You enjoy low-effort, fun houseplants because you keep busy with school and/or activities! You enjoy low-light plants as you don't have to create a routine for sunlight. Whether you're online playing games, involved with a Discord community night, or involved with a club at school - you enjoy plants, but don't have the time to care for them. Did we get it right? Share your results with a friend!

You're somewhere between 20 and 29!

You're somewhere between 20 and 29!

You're in a phase where plants make up a huge part of your aesthetic! You have the time after classes or work to get creative with houseplant care and it shows. You aren't afraid to have a mixture of succulents and plants that can be at risk if you don't water them. Some may say you may OVER water some of your plants because you're so attentive. Share your results with a fellow houseplant lover!

You're somewhere between 30 and late 49!

You're somewhere between 30 and late 49!

Houseplants are more of a decoration for you at this point in your life. You manage to take care of them without any problems, but when you go on vacation or are at a friend's or partner's place for a few days - it's a toss-up. You love houseplants where you can challenge yourself - indoor starter avocado tree anyone? Share your results with a friend who is in this age group!

You're in the 50+ age range!

You're in the 50+ age range!

Taking care of plants is second nature to you. People can truly say you have a green thumb at your age. People seek you out for tips on how to revive a dying plant, the best soil, and sunlight and water routines. Some of your plants are about half your age and you pride yourself on keeping them alive for as long as you can. Does this sound right? Share your results with a fellow plant lover!

How many houseplants do you currently have?

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