We Bet We Can Guess EXACTLY What Socks You’re Wearing

With just 10 random questions we can guess exactly what socks you're wearing. Let's go!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jul 31, 2022
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The word "sock" is said to have come from the Latin word "soccus" which means "loose-fitting stocking" something worn by actors (particular comedians) in ancient Rome. However, the term could also be referring to a light shoe that happened to be low-heeled. Over the years it was shortened to just "socc". In regard to Greek it is said it could've derived from the word "sykkos" - a thin shoe worn under sandals. Now that we have a sense of where the word comes from, the biggest question is can we guess what kind of soccus or sykkos you're wearing at the moment? Let's find out!

Pick the one you're drawn to at the moment.

What do you like to have for breakfast?

Pick a number between 1-5

What kind of floors do you like in your house?

Pick a sock puppet

What are your thoughts on socks and sandals?

During the weekend people can most likely find you...

Which do you want to know the backstory behind?

Finish this sentence:

Socks are just...

Pick a holiday sock!

You're wearing plain black or white socks! Did we get right? Share the quiz with your friend to see if we can guess theirs right too!

Got it! You're wearing fun socks! Be it a fun color or great pattern, you love them. Did we get it right?

Easy! No-show or ankle socks! Did we get it right? If we didn't give the quiz another try! :)

Socks are for heathens! You don't need socks and aren't wearing any right now. Did we get it right?

You like a little length to your socks - they keep you comfy! Did we guess right?

Do you like to wear socks?

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