Unsure of Your Fall Aesthetic? In One Minute We’ll Help You With That

We'll help you "Fall" in love with your Autumn aesthetic this year!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Oct 20, 2023
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We always hear the words "Fall" and "Autumn" used interchangeably to refer to that warm and fuzzy season between Summer and Winter. "Fall" is used more often in North America whereas some other English-speaking countries refer to it as "Autumn". Let's jump into this Fall/Autumn quiz to help you make your shopping list!

>> What Style Aesthetic Matches Your True Personality?

If you had to choose only one, which fall activity is your favorite?

What's your favorite fall fashion trend?

Pick an essential fall accessory:

What's your go-to fall drink at Starbucks?

Which color palette do you enjoy seeing most during this time of year?

Time to pamper yourself! Which color are you using for your nails?

Pick a bag to carry that screams your ideal version of Fall:

What's your preferred cool-weathered hairstyle?

What scent or fragrance could you wear throughout the cozy season?

Lastly, choose a sweet treat to enjoy!

Your fall aesthetic is girly and cute!

Your fall aesthetic is girly and cute!

You love soft pastels, cute accessories, and all things sweet. Now let's go shopping to find something for your closet this Fall season.

Your fall aesthetic is pumpkin spice!

Your fall aesthetic is pumpkin spice!

Fall is your FAVORITE season! It's no wonder you're drawn to warm, earthy tones and cozy activities! Share your results with a lover of Fall.

Your fall aesthetic is boho-chic!

Your fall aesthetic is boho-chic!

You gravitate towards bohemian-inspired styles, vibrant layers, and warm cardigans! Compare your results with a friend.

Do you ever refer to "Fall" as "Autumn"?

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