Timeless Traditions: New Year’s Eve Trivia From Around the World

Ring in the new year with this fun quiz that challenges your knowledge of how it's celebrated globally!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Dec 31, 2023
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Several countries celebrate potential good luck and fortune for the upcoming year in fun, unique, and sometimes spiritual ways. One that you may hear about often is wearing certain underwear for good luck! Italy does so, but also other countries in South America! So don't forget to put on your yellow underwear to bring in some better energy for the new year!

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In Spain and other Latin American countries, it's tradition to eat ____ at midnight for good luck.

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Which nation celebrates the New Year's custom of people plunging into freezing water to cleanse their souls?

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What does the first person who comes home after midnight have to bring for the "First Footer" tradition in Scotland?

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This event takes place in Oaxaca, MX where locals bring in the new year by carving things into radishes.

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In Italy, it's good luck to wear ____ underwear for New Year's Eve.

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Which popular New Year's Eve song originated in Scotland and is now sung in most English-speaking countries?

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Which of the items below is hidden in a Vasilopita cake in Greece to celebrate?

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Which city in the United States can you find the NYE Wishing Wall?

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Which custom did Southerners in the United States adopt to bring good luck to them in the new year?

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Which continent burns an effigy/statue called "Mr. Old Year"?

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Have you ever stayed up to celebrate ringing in the new year?

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