Time Warp: Which Decade are You Secretly From?

Would you be caught disco dancing or playing video games in an awesome arcade?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Apr 14, 2024
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The age-old question of "Is time travel possible?" has slowly become "Should we even consider time-traveling?". There are tons of movies depicting the initial intrigue that comes with time traveling, quickly followed by the characters trying to put everything back just as it was before. The idea of time traveling to right some wrongs is noble, but it's not about living in the past or trying to craft the PERFECT future. It's about making the best of where you are and what you have right now. How do you feel about the idea of time travel these days? Is it worth it?

Which of these is your go-to dance move for a decades party?

Which of these returning fashion trends resonates with you the most?

How do you communicate with your friends?

Pick your favorite genre of music between these three.

What would be your favorite hangout place in a previous decade?

Which classic movie would you watch with friends?

What's your favorite technological innovation?

Choose a signature catchphrase.

How would you spend most of your free time in the decade your parents were born in?

Which decade would you visit FIRST if you could time travel?

You're secretly from the 1950s!

You're secretly from the 1950s!

You're a rebel and your timeless dance moves and style back it up! Share your results with a friend!

You're secretly from the 1970s!

You're secretly from the 1970s!

You're the life of the party and disco fever lives forever in your heart! Compare your results with someone who was born in the '70s!

You're secretly from the 1980s!

You're secretly from the 1980s!

Totally rad! You're secretly a child of the '80s and fully embrace neon lights, big hair and jewelry, and pop culture. Compare your results with a family member who was born in the '80s.

What do you think could come out of the ability to time travel?

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