This or That Fancy Edition: How Bougie Are You?

Do you prefer diamonds in your cereal or milk? Let's take this bougie quiz and find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 18, 2023
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Did you know the word bougie actually means "of middle-class status"? It derives from the French word "bourgeoisie"! But we still love what the word has become meaning someone who enjoys the finer things in life. How bougie are you? :)

Pick a house to live in!

Pick a car you would be happy to drive

Pick a plate of sushi

Which closet is to die for?

Pick a projector room/movie room for your house

Pick a way to travel

Pick a pair of sunglasses to wear to the beach

Which drink quenches your thirst?

Which city skyline speaks to you?

Lastly, which Apple product can't you live without?

VERY bougie!

VERY bougie!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the bougiest of them all? YOU are! You love a vacation that makes you not want to return and food that's photograph worthy. Your attitude doesn't change, you still treat people kindly while treating yourself too! Share your results with a bougie friend.

Sort of bougie

Sort of bougie

You're a little bougie! You enjoy a big vacation, but don't mind going back to your comfortable day-to-day when you come back. You like to treat yourself whether it be a spa or something a bit pricey on the menu. You deserve it! Share your results with someone bougie!

Not bougie at all

Not bougie at all

You don't need to have the finer things in life to be happy! You're perfectly content with your loved ones and delicious McDonald's nuggets! Share your results with your best friend!

Would you consider yourself a ~bougie~ person?

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