Should You Buy or DIY? Home Improvement Edition

Determine which home items are smarter to buy or DIY!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Nov 27, 2023
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When it comes to buying supplies to complete home renovations - the options are endless. From local stores and mini-marts to large chain stores. Within the United States, both Lowe's and The Home Depot sit on top of the hardware store game compared to the likes of Ace Hardware and others. Which store do you think you'd hit up for some home improvements?

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Is it more cost-efficient to buy pre-made furniture or build it yourself?

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Are we buying or DIYing: patio chairs and small table?

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Which option is more budget-friendly for window treatments?

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Are we buying or DIYing: Decorative wall art?

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Let's renovate the kitchen: Should you make your cabinets or buy pre-made cabinets?

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You want to add some shelves to your home, what's the better option when thinking about labor costs and materials?

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When it comes to cost and design, what's the better choice for lighting your home?

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Is it cheaper to buy planters or make them yourself?

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Let's talk rugs or carpet for your home - which way are you leaning?

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For small decorative items like vases, candle holders, etc. which would be best?

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How often do you opt to DIY (do it yourself)?

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