Prepare for a Movie Night and We’ll Tell You Which Genre You Are

Are you using Netflix or renting a movie from your favorite website?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Apr 14, 2024
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Do you love binging movies to prepare for up-and-coming new movies? Then let us put you onto a Marathon Movie Night! Set up something awesome so you and your friends can try to see how many movies you can binge in a single night. Prep snacks, provide blankets, pillows, and comfort for your guests because it's gonna be a long night! Is this something you'd try?

What day are you having a movie night?

Are you watching alone or with friends?

What's your #1 movie snack?

Which type of movie genre is off the table for suggestions?

How are you setting up your movie-watching space?

Which platform are you watching your movie?

Will your movie night have an intermission?

Which director are you having a conversation about during your movie's intermission?

How long is TOO long for movie night?

Pick your comfy movie-night attire.

You're a Sci-Fi Fantasy!

You're a Sci-Fi Fantasy!

Imaginative worlds and crazy adventures that extend beyond reality call to you! You have a love for futuristic conversations, the latest technology and how it's forever changing, and of course fictional magical worlds. You're always wanting to go on thrilling and unforgettable journeys with your friends. Share your results with a sci-fi lover in your life!

You're a Horror/Thriller with a bit of Mystery!

You're a Horror/Thriller with a bit of Mystery!

They don't call you "Suspenseful and Alluring" for nothing! You enjoy the plot twists of life because you're incredibly adaptable. You love a good scare and enjoy unraveling puzzles whether in a video game or helping a friend figure some complex things out. You're never afraid to dive into the unknown. Compare your results with a friend!

You're a Romantic Comedy!

You're a Romantic Comedy!

You're a sucker for heartwarming, charming, and whimsical stories from friends, co-workers, and family. Witty banter and feel-good moments are something that comes naturally to you when you interact with the people around you. Tears are always rolling down your face whether from joy and laughter or sorrow. Compare your results with someone who cries alot!

Which of these genres is your least favorite?

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