Plan Your Dream Wedding and We’ll Tell You Which Celeb Will Attend

Let's see which celebrity likes your taste in wedding planning best! Jump in and take this easy and fun quiz to find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jul 7, 2023
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Did you know the largest wedding attendance, on record, was back in 1993 - a lovely Jewish wedding in Jerusalem with about 30,000 people there to support the union? Meanwhile, the longest wedding dress train clocked in at over 500 feet in Germany! Will you have this many guests or a train longer than 500 feet? And will it put someone like Harry Styles on your wedding guests list?

>> Answer 10 Questions & We'll Predict Your Love Life With a Meme 💕

Pick a color scheme for your wedding:

Which flower has to be the star of your wedding?

Pick a season for your wedding:

Now, pick a venue type!

How many guests are you inviting?

Do you imagine your wedding to be traditional?

How big do you think your wedding party will be?

Will you write your own vows?

Do you think you'll have a different outfit for your reception?

Finally, choose a wedding cake!

Jungkook will attend!

Jungkook will attend!

Jungkook may or may not bring the rest of BTS, but rest assured he'll be there dancing the night away and the first one in line for a slice of cake! Share your results with a fan of BTS!

Jenna Ortega will attend!

Jenna Ortega will attend!

She'll keep you and your friends laughing for the evening and won't be afraid to give you some honest advice if you need it for your future! Share your results with a Jenna Ortega fan!

Harry Styles will attend!

Harry Styles will attend!

Harry will keep the mood light and spirits high at the wedding! Be sure to allow him time to relax as people will definitely want him to sing. Share your results with a Harry Styles fan!

Rihanna will attend!

Rihanna will attend!

Iconic! Rihanna won't purposely still your wedding thunder, but she'll dress her best and show up to support you. That's something you won't be upset about! Share your results with a fan of Rihanna.

Do you want a big or small wedding?

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