Plan a Tea Party and Find Out Which Celeb Is Invited

Plan your party with these 10 questions and we'll tell you who is coming to join the celebration!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On May 21, 2023
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Did you know that drinking tea is supposedly less likely to hit you with a caffeine crash, unlike coffee? The difference lies in the antioxidants you ingest while sipping your tea. The high levels of it slow the rate caffeine is absorbed. So not only do you stay alert longer, but again you forgo the caffeine crash. With that said, let's have a tea party - you're planning it! Let's get started! emojiemoji

>> This Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're a Coffee or Tea Drinker <<

First, pick the ideal time of day for your tea party...

How many guests are coming?

Which invitations will you send out?

It's time to go shopping for some tea! Which are you buying?

What snacks are you grabbing to go with your tea?

You're back home now, let's pick your favorite tea set to use for the party...

What are you adding as sweeteners for everyone?

What kind of music will you play?

Someone asks to bring a plus one at the last minute... what's your reaction?

Lastly, which fancy gloves are you totally dying to wear to this event?

Morticia Addams is on her way!

Morticia Addams is on her way!

Just promise not to do the Addams Family snap and you'll be okay! Morticia is a lovely guest believe it or not! She's organized and will help you keep things in order before, during, and after the party. She likes to keep things small for the most part and so do you. :) Share your results with a friend similar to Morticia!

Zendaya is on her way!

Zendaya is on her way!

She'll light up the room so be sure to hold this tea party outside! Generous and a bit introverted, she'll be certain to make your tea party one you'll never forget! Share your results with a Zendaya fan!

Jason Momoa is on his way!

Jason Momoa is on his way!

You got a fun and adoring guest! He's wise, but never show-boats, ready to take in any wisdom others have to offer and share some as well. Ready for an upbeat and fun time! Share your results with a friend you'd invite to your tea party!

Diddy is on his way!

Diddy is on his way!

You knew to make room for this celebrity guest, their presence is daring and here lately very fashionable. They're willing to take stylish risks, much like your tea party! Share your results with a friend!

Which do you prefer: Tea or coffee?

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