Pick Your Favorite Disney Villains & We’ll Plan Your Next Road Trip

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Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Feb 27, 2024
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We love an awesome Disney villain - they usually have the best songs! Some of the designs of the characters take after other evil characters: Ursula, Cruella, etc. For example, one of the most popular and original Disney villains, The Evil Queen, was primarily based on the legend, the myth herself, Joan Crawford!

>> Which Modern Disney Princess are YOU?

Which Disney Villain would you love to be best friends with?

Which queen do you identify with most?

What's your favorite Disney villain song?

Which of these traits do you admire most in a villain?

What's your favorite Disney villain sidekick?

Which villain's lair would you like to visit?

Which villain would you let revamp your closet?

Which Disney villain's evil plan is the most compelling?

Which villain's downfall do you find the most satisfying?

Pick a Disney Hero to battle.

Coastal Trip!

Coastal Trip!

Time to take some time off for a two-week trip to the Pacific Coast! You can use a physical map, but no GPS allowed! This will get you to Oregon where you can take in its breathtaking beauty. Your cozy coastal cabins will keep you safe and help you create tons of memories! Be sure to hit, California on the way: San Franciso and Los Angeles's iconic landmarks await. Share your results with a friend you'd take a road trip with!



It's time to journey up north and outside of the US! Take in the US's rich history up north and wave to it in the rear mirror as you enter Canada. Be sure to pack your camera, passport, and an umbrella, Vancouver's weather is hard to pinpoint. Enjoy the leisurely drive in your bus converted into a home/RV. Compare your results with a Disney villain lover.



It's time to take the scenic route for your mountain adventure. There will be tons of wind, but don't let that stop you from traversing through all of the beautiful alpine. Be sure to stop off in some of the quiet mountain towns for breaks, photos, and delicious food. More importantly, you can stop at huge national parks like Yellowstone. Share your results with a friend who likes national parks!

Southern Hospitality!

Southern Hospitality!

Time to venture out where hospitality meets history! You can visit one of the country music capitals of the world: Nashville, Tennessee. Don't forget to stop by Memphis to grab some BBQ on your way out. Also on the itinerary is visiting the awesome landmarks of New Orleans. The French Quarter and popular filming locations (The Originals, American Horror Story Season 3, etc.) are a can't miss. Share your results with a friend who is from the South!

Do you think Disney villains are overrated?

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