Pick a Peele, Any Peele: Which Jordan Peele Movie Should You Watch?

With tons of amazing movies and projects under his belt, which one should you put on to enjoy? Take our short and easy quiz to find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Feb 28, 2023
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Jordan Peele may have popped up on everyone's radar when he started doing horror and social-related horror films, but others knew him from the comedy show and epic duo: "Key and Peele". However, even before Key and Peele took off, Jordan Peele had always been interested in film. He started studying it at the young age of 12, becoming a huge fan of films such as "ET", "Beetlejuice", and "Edward Scissorhands"! Which of these films do you think inspired the creativity Peele demonstrates today?

Which word describes you the most?

Which sunset would you love to see in person?

Are you a coffee drinker?

Where is the best place to nap in your personal opinion?

What's the first thing you do when you've misplaced your phone?

Do you sleep with your bedroom door open?

Which color best reflects your mood today?

Do you scare easily?

Do you tend to overthink things?

Pick a Jordan Peele!

You should watch: Us (2019)

You should watch: Us (2019)

You're all about creativity and originality. You like to go above and beyond and do things differently than those around you. You demonstrated this in your career, relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial), and hobbies. Share your results with a creative friend you want to watch "Us" (2019) with!

You should watch: Nope (2022)!

You should watch: Nope (2022)!

You believe nothing is impossible! You're courageous and never fail to uplift and encourage your friends and family when they need you most. Even when you find yourself doubting things, you press on and find your way. Share your results with a Jordan Peele fan you'd watch "Nope" (2022) with!

You should watch: Get Out (2017)

You should watch: Get Out (2017)

You're introverted and tend to keep to yourself. However, when you do let people in, you ensure you can truly trust them. You've been burned in the past and just want to be cautious. We get it! Share your results with a friend who understands you.

Which Jordan Peele film is your favorite?

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