Only TRUE Black Panther Fans Can Pass This Quiz

Could you tell us what year Black Panther first appeared in a comic book? Put your knowledge to the test fellow Marvel fans! :)

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Nov 10, 2022
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Marvel Comics have been cranking out comics and fun stories since 1939. We've seen heroes and villains die and get revived time and time again and even see different versions of that hero as well. Currently there are over 600 comics that Black Panther is the star of or is featured in. How much do you know about Black Panther? We'll go easy on you, let's jump into it!

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Black Panther was the first Black superhero character in mainstream comics.

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What was the name of group Black Panther formed which included Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Storm, White Tiger, and War Machine?

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Which New York superhero did Black Panther often step in to help when they needed rest?

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He's protected exclusively by very skilled female bodyguards.

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Black Panther is NOT a member of the Illuminati with Doctor Strange and Tony Stark.

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What is the name of the most well known Black Panther?

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T'Challa is the second to hold the Black Panther mantle.

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How does Black Panther get his powers?

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Which of these is NOT made of vibranium within Marvel?

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What year did Black Panther first debut and in which comic?

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Who was Black Panther's true love?

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