Lunar Lore: A Chinese New Year Trivia Extravaganza

Let's bring in the Lunar Year together - how much do you know about Chinese New Year?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Feb 10, 2024
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The Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) had another name you may have heard: The Spring Festival! Celebrated at the top of the year, it’s more than just food, drinks, and dancing. It’s a serious tradition that’s been around for thousands of years. Think of it as a festive way to discard the old and the bad and welcome in the new. Will you be celebrating this year?

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Which of these animals is associated with 2024 Lunar New Year?

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Which color is the color of luck and prosperity during Lunar New Year celebrations?

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Longevity noodles are eating during Lunar New Year because they symbolize and manifest longevity.

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Why do people give red envelopes during Lunar New year?

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What's the name of the traditional Chinese NYE meal?

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Setting off firecrackers (fireworks) are help shoo away evil spirits during the Lunar New Year.

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There are two Chinese characters displayed upside-down during Lunar New Year. What do they stand for?

"Fu" (福) and "Chun" (春)

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Which month does Lunar New Year fall on on the Chinese Lunar calendar?

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Which of these phrases is commonly said and translates to "Happy New Year" in Chinese?

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Name the traditional dance that brings good luck and wards off evils spirits during a Lunar New Year celebration.

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Have you ever celebrated Lunar New Year?

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