It’s True! How You Like Your Waffles Will Reveal to Us Your Zodiac Sign

Let's learn a ~waffle~ lot about you to reveal your zodiac sign!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Aug 24, 2023
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Waffles have been a beloved culinary delight since as far back as the 14th century! Furthermore, the zodiacal system, which has captivated human curiosity for centuries, has been in use since the Age of Aries, an era that dates back over 2,500 years ago. If we combine the two we can reveal your zodiac sign! Let's jump in!

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It's time to make waffles! How many people are you cooking for?

What kind of waffles do you like?

Pick a shape for your waffles

How do you want to make your waffles?

Pick a fruit for your waffles

Which classic, but wild option do you want mixed into your waffle batter?

Pick a creamy topping for your waffles

Which of these is a big "no-no" for your waffles?

How many waffles do you want to stack?

Which of these do you use primarily to eat waffles?

You're a water sign!

You're a water sign!

You're emotional and intuitive and want that experience translated well when having your delicious fluffy waffles! Did we get it right? Share your results with a friend!

You're an air sign!

You're an air sign!

You're intelligent and curious - does this sound like you? You're open to experimenting when having your waffles. You're not afraid to try different toppings and steer away from the norm. Share your results with a friend.

You're a fire sign!

You're a fire sign!

Passionate - you love a good savory waffle! There's something about wanting to take a nap right after you finish your meal that you look forward to every time! Share your results with a fellow fire sign!

You're an earth sign!

You're an earth sign!

You're grounded and practical, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy a heart-shaped waffle every now and then! Share your results with a fellow earth sign. :)

Do you believe there's any truth when getting your fortune told?

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