In Just 10 Questions, We’ll See Which Fictional School You Should Attend

Get you books and backpack ready...

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 26, 2024
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Tibet has one of the highest-elevated schools in the world! Located in Phuma Changthang, it's "the closest of its kind to the sky". It sits at 5,373 meters above sea level, higher than the base camp of Mount Everest. How tall or high up in the sky is your fictional school? Let's find out!

What's your favorite school subject?

How do you handle challenges during an exam?

What extracurricular activity do you enjoy?

What kind of friends do you prefer?

What's your favorite mythical creature?

What's your preferred mode of transportation when you're in a rush?

What's your dream adventure?

What's your favorite book genre?

How do you feel about rules?

Choose a backpack.

You should attend Hogwarts!

You should attend Hogwarts!

You're all about friendship and adventure - but also MAGIC. You'd fit in well and wouldn't have any problem diving into this mysterious wizarding world! Compare your results with a friend!

You should attend Blackwell Academy!

You should attend Blackwell Academy!

You'd do super well alongside Max in Life is Strange at Blackwell! Don't be afraid to let your artistic talents flourish. The environment is vibrant and expressive, just like you. Share your results with a Life is Strange fan!

You should attend Greendale Community College

You should attend Greendale Community College

You truly embrace what it means to be quirky and unconventional! You'd thrive in a fun and supportive atmosphere while pursuing your dreams. Share your results with a Community fan!

What do you enjoy most about school?

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