How Much Do You Remember About Myspace?

"For every Netflix, there's a Blockbuster. Every Facebook, a Myspace".

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jun 23, 2022
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Myspace, once a powerhouse name and a place where you hung out and shared interests with people on the internet through music, memes, and lots of flashy things and glitter. Many people may not use Myspace today, but once upon a time it rose to the top of the social media ranks as the most popular social network within 2 years of launching.

It's number one spot was soon taken by Facebook in 2008. Myspace may be a meme these days, but it peaked at about 100 million visitors daily and that's still something to be very much proud of. It's considered one of the 5 social media trailblazers, making a way for the Facebooks, the TikToks, and Twitches.

How much do you remember about your space on Myspace? And who in the world is Tom? If you get all of the questions correct on this quiz, we'll add you to our top friends list!

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Who is this man?

2 / 12

What was Tom's last name?

3 / 12

What year was Myspace created?

4 / 12

Myspace no longer exists.

5 / 12

What are the list of people you have at the top of your Myspace called?

6 / 12

Which celebrity purchased Myspace in 2011?

7 / 12

How many people could you have in your Top Friends List?

8 / 12

Which of the following was the automatic response whenever you added a new friend on Myspace?

9 / 12

Who is everyone's first friend?

10 / 12

How do you add graphics to Myspace?

11 / 12

About how many days do bulletins remain on the bulletin board?

12 / 12

You could have music automatically play when someone visited your Myspace page.

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Did you use Myspace?

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