How Much Do You REALLY Know About the Month of November?

So you know November's the 11th month of the the year, but what else do you know about it?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Dec 1, 2022
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Did you know, traditionally, November's full moon is called a "Beaver Moon" because beaver traps were set during Colonials times during this month. Also that the latin word for "November" is "Novem"! The month of November is full of SO much more than just Thanksgiving - rich cultures are celebrated throughout as well. How much do you know? Let's put what you know to the test!

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Let's start easy: How many days are in November?

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What gem is the birthstone for November?

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Which of these is the birth flower of November?

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Which Astrology Signs are associated with November?

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What day does Thanksgiving usaully fall on in November?

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What day does the Day of the Dead celebration start?

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Which of these November holidays is fake?

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Why is Veteran's Day on November 11th?

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Which long-running educational show has their own day on the 10th of November?

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We gave this this hint earlier if you can find it... what's the latin word for November?

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Which season is your favorite?

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