How Much Do You Really Know About Spring?

Winter is gone and we're in the middle of Spring! How much can you tell us about the popular season?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Apr 26, 2023
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Did you know 33% of Americans say Spring is their favorite season? The flowers are blooming and the tulips dance out of their bulbs, giving us a new sense of adventure and joy! How much do you know about Spring - jump into this fun and short quiz and test your knowledge!

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Let's start off easy, what is the first month of Spring in the US and the UK?

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It typically rains more during the spring.

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Spring symbolizes which of the following words: Joy, Rebirth, Love, and New Beginnings?

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Some animals do what when spring comes in?

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What is the first day of Spring known as?

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Japan waits for this flower to blossom to declare the start of spring.

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What happens in the North Pole when the Spring Equinox comes around?

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What does the Latin word for summer mean? | sationem

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Where does the sun rise and set during the Spring Equinox?

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The rumor that you can perfectly balance an egg on your head during the Spring Equinox was proven in 2010.

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Pick your favorite Spring holiday!

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