Guardians of the Galaxy Quiz: Can You Save The Galaxy? 

Are you fit to save the Galaxy? Put on your helmet and board the ship!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On May 3, 2023
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Did you know that the Guardians of the Galaxy script was initially started by Nicole Perlman back in 2009? It wasn't what we know of today - the comedic and heartfelt comic book story James Gunn crafted. She was in Marvel's screenwriting program and after a few drafts, Gunn got the script and scrapped the entire thing and started over. However and fortunately - Nicole Perlman is still listed/credited for the film along with James Gunn. How much can your knowledge and common sense help you save the galaxy? Let's find out!

First, let's pick your favorite Guardian to go on this adventure with...

You have to go save the planet your friend is on, but you have no way to get there. What do you do?

The love of your life disappeared in battle and someone identical to them shows up. What do you do?

You're out of fuel but still have quite the distance to travel. What's next?

A member of your crew was taken out by a rival.... what's your plan of action?

What word would people use to describe your type of leadership?

What word describes the perfect plan to you and your crew?

You've been abandoned by your crew. What's next for you?

Pick a spaceship that you'd 100% pilot during an expedition:

If it came down to you, do you think you could save the entire galaxy?

Galaxy Saved!

Galaxy Saved!

Whether with friends or alone, the galaxy is in great hands! You're selfless and try your best to weigh the pros and cons of decisions before jumping in. You know when you act and when to hang back. Peter Quill should move out of the way - you're the captain of the Milano now. Share your results with a friend!

Galaxy Destroyed...

Galaxy Destroyed...

You didn't quite save the galaxy. Sometimes the notion of revenge overtakes you and drowns out any common sense. Remember that it's 100% okay to take a step back from things and take care of yourself and those around you if you need to! The galaxy depends on that and your kindness. Share your results with a friend.

Do you enjoy the idea of space travel?

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