Gotta “Ash Ketchum” All: Which Pokémon Trainer Would Be YOUR Bestie?

Don't cheat and pik(achu) too early - go through the quiz one question at a time and find out if you'd be friends with Agatha or Ash!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Sep 2, 2023
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The Pokémon universe is rich with lore, creativity, and hidden details that continue to captivate fans around the world! Ash Ketchum is the series' protagonist and most recognizable Pokémon trainer. Pikachu is Ash's most well-known, most used, and strongest Pokemon. Pikachu's evolution designs weren't always the soft and cuddly ones we've come to adore! One of Pikachu's evolutions was originally designed with longer fangs and a more ferocious appearance. Soon the design was eventually softened to make it more appealing to everyone.

>> What's Your Spirit Pokémon?

Pick your starter Pokémon from the Kanto region

Which of these Pokémon types would you prefer to train?

What word would you use to describe your best friend?

Which legendary Pokémon from Hoenn is your favorite?

Pick a berry that you would keep in your bag for capturing Pokémon

What color would you wear to your first Pokémon battle?

What would you value most as a Pokémon trainer?

Where would you rather live?

Pick a location to meet up with your bestie

What is your greatest weakness?

You got Ash Ketchum!

You got Ash Ketchum!

You would be great friends with Ash! You enjoy being around people who are brave, enthusiastic, and adventurous! Share your results with a Pokémon fan.

You got Agatha!

You got Agatha!

You and Agatha would get on excellently! You both believe that humans and Pokémon need each other to thrive, grow, and survive. You're both sassy and apologizing is a bit tough for you. Share your results with your Agatha!

You got Cynthia!

You got Cynthia!

You're ambitious, just like your bestie Cynthia! You look for friends who are strong but kind-hearted! When playing games you're always in it for the fun rather than bragging rights. Does this sound like you?

You got Lance!

You got Lance!

You and Lance would have a great time! He's both noble and respectful and you're always looking for that in your closest friends. Share your results with your noble buddy!

Do you know many other Pokémon trainers besides Ash?

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