Do Your Fave Colors Reveal Anything Spicy About Your Personality?

Green, blue, black, or red - which color shows that you're a Horror Junkie?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 5, 2024
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Did you know men and women see the color red differently? Thanks to the thorough research conducted by the University of Arizona, we know it all comes down to the X chromosome. Women have two and it helps them perceive the red-orange part of the color spectrum much better than men. Maybe the way men and women feel about this color varies because of how they perceive it! Is red one of your favorite colors to wear when you want to feel confident?

>> This Color Test Will Reveal Your Deepest Passion

Which of these colors best represents your personality?

Which color do you find more calming?

Which color would you wear to feel confident?

Which color makes you happy?

Which of these colors would you have in your home?

Which of these is your creativity color?

Which color would you use to paint your bedroom?

Which color screams "energy"?

Which of these colors represents new beginnings or a new chapter for you?

Which of these would you say is your favorite color?



Based on the colors you chose, you embody the essence of a rebellious person! You're bold and adventurous and don't enjoy being put into a box. Your exploration of life knows no bounds! Share your results with a friend.

Playful Trickster

Playful Trickster

Your color choices suggest that you have a bit of a mischievous side that may surprise those who don't know you well. Like the color purple, you are creative and always enjoy adding your own bit of fun and clever antics to a situation. Does this sound like you? Compare your results with a friend!

Secretly Live for the Drama

Secretly Live for the Drama

The colors you chose reveal that you truly appreciate a cup of tea and you prefer it PIPING! Like the color black and other dark colors - you're mysterious, alluring, and fascinating. You're fully drawn to stories that deepen the complexity of many relationships in your life. Share your results with a friend who also lives for the drama!

How often does your favorite color change?

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