Disney Channel Quiz: Only 45% of Disney Fans Can Identify These Parents

Can you match the parents to the correct Disney Channel show?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 24, 2023
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Everyone has had a nice slice of the Disney Channel Nostalgia Pie growing up or maybe you're just now experiencing it! It's great! Did you know after the massive success of Disney's Cheetah Girl's first movie a TV show almost came to life? So unfortunate - we would've loved to see the girls' adventures play out on a smaller scale and get to know their families even better! But we're still grateful for the later films. What we can gush over, are the iconic shows that DID come to life and grace our screens! Which Disney Channel show's parents were your favorites?

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Which show are these iconic parents from?

2 / 11

Which wacky show were these parents on?

3 / 11

Who had these cool parents?

4 / 11

Which troublemakers kept this mom busy?

5 / 11

Which show do these parents rule?

6 / 11

Which show did these parents show unconditional love to their adopted kids on?

7 / 11

Which show had these very eccentric parents?

8 / 11

Which Disney Channel show had these very fun parents?

9 / 11

Which show featured this rockstar of a dad?

10 / 11

Which show features this epic duo?

11 / 11

Which great show featured these parents?

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Which Disney Chanel show was your favorite of the three?

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