Could You Survive the Ultimate Black Friday Challenge?

Ready, set, Black Friday!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Nov 21, 2023
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Black Friday as unique as it sounds originally came from Philadelphia Police in the 60's! It was used to describe the congestion of traffic the day after Thanksgiving by local football fans and holiday shoppers. It rings true as Black Friday today the aisles of stores and websites are congested!

>> What Kind of Black Friday Shopper are You?

How do you plan for Black Friday the night before?

The store you want to visit opens at 6:00am - what time do you arrive?

Choose your fighter (aka your shopping companion).

When you find something with a "no purchase limit", how many are you grabbing?

The store is jam-packed with buyers. How do you get through the crowd?

Breakfast time is sneaking up on you as you shop - what do you do?

You spot an unplanned purchase but at a fantastic price. What's your move?

You and a stranger reach for the same final item in a heavily discounted area...

You see this long line snaking around, it's a 30+ minute wait. What's your reaction?

So you survived - how do you celebrate?

Yes! You're a Black Friday Planner!

Yes! You're a Black Friday Planner!

Congratulations! Not only would you survive Black Friday, but you're crowned the Black Friday mastermind! You're meticulous when planning your approach, you're in to take care of business and out before things get too crazy. You're efficient, swift, and have a way of navigating the madness. Compare your results with someone who loves to save money!

Possibly! You're a Balanced Shopper!

Possibly! You're a Balanced Shopper!

You found the perfect balance between flexibility and strategy! You don't worry about surviving Black Friday, but rather how you're gonna approach it. You're not afraid to go after good deals and opportunities when you see them, but you also know when to pull back from a huge crowd. You're level-headed and your fellow shoppers appreciate that! Share your results with someone you often go shopping with.

No - you're in for a wild ride!

No - you're in for a wild ride!

You prefer to observe and take things as they come during Black Friday. Sometimes you even go as far as not participating at all and opt for online shopping. And that's okay! Not everyone has to be cut out for Black Friday. Let everyone do their chaotic shopping and you can go in and have a chill shopping trip. Share your results with a friend who loves Black Friday!

Which do you prefer: Shopping online or in-person?

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