Could You Survive a Nightmare on Elm Street? 

"...9, 10 never sleep again".

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 16, 2023
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Did you know iconic director and writer, Wes Craven, may he rest in peace, based Freddy on a school bully? And even wilder, he based Freddy's abilities on a LA Times news article he read. In the article, it was discussed that people were suffering from their nightmares and dying in their sleep. Combine that with the idea of his school bully and voila! Wes Craven brought "A Nightmare on Elm Street" to life with a great crew in 1984.

Do you think you could go outsmart Freddy? Let's find out!

You're walking home at night and hear footsteps behind you, what do you do?

Your pet sits up in the darkness and looks towards a dark corner of your room...

You know if you fall asleep something in your dream is going to get you. How do you stay awake?

Are you afraid of the dark?

You hear a weird scratching noise coming from your closet. What do you do?

Do you remember your dreams?

Pick a sleeping position.

You've heard about a strange man appearing in your friend's dream... he showed up in yours too. You...

Which one have you done?

So the party is ending and your friends ask if you want a lift home...

You survived another night!

You survived another night!

You could sleep out of Freddy's grasp with the help of friends, family, and your own smarts. Just don't underestimate him and act too late. Share your results with a Nightmare on Elm Street fan!

Outcome not clear....

Outcome not clear....

We aren't too sure if you could or couldn't. It depends on several factors: How easily you fall asleep or if your sleepwalking will win. Share your results with a horror fan!

Dream within a dream... you don't wake up.

Dream within a dream... you don't wake up.

You wouldn't make it. Freddy's tricks and mind games would overpower you. He'd take advantage of your naiveté. Share your results with a friend!

Do you tend to have a hard time falling asleep?

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