Cat-walk Couture: How Would Your Pet Dress?

Would your little bud dress more casual or elegant?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 13, 2024
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Which of these is your pet's reaction to wearing clothes?

Which of these color palettes best matches your pet's fur?

Which of these fashion icons would your pet get along with best?

How does your pet interact with shoes?

Choose an accessory your pet would rock with no trouble?

Which of these patterns would your pet NEVER wear?

Pick their costume for Halloween.

How often does your pet groom themselves to be presentable?

On a scale of 1-5, how photogenic is your pet?

Last, pick one that describes their fashion sense.

You'd dress them as a trendsetter!

You'd dress them as a trendsetter!

Your pet is a trendsetting diva! They would go for the most stylish of accessories and never shy away from the camera. They're incredibly photogenic and never have a problem wearing clothes. Share your results with a friend who has a pet!

You'd dress them as a classy little buddy!

You'd dress them as a classy little buddy!

Your pet has a class to them, something your friends want for their own pets. They'd wear neutral colors and earthy tones. Keeping things simple, and clean, but memorable. Share your results with your pet.

You'd dress them as a casual icon!

You'd dress them as a casual icon!

Comfort over fashion would be your pet's motto. They prefer more laid-back and relaxed vibes at home. They're more likely to have their fur a bit tousled seeing as they're an effortless style icon. Share your results with a friend!

Do you have clothes for your

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