Can You Prove You’re King of the Ocean by Identifying These Sea Creatures?

Your crown is on the line, how will you do?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Dec 18, 2023
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We all know Hermit Crabs as these little guys who find a shell of some sort and use it as their portable shelter. Did you know that not all hermit crabs take that approach? Some use fixed wormholes and living Hydrocoral. How much do you know about sea creatures? Now's the time to show the people of the seven seas why you were crowned King of the Ocean.

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Surfs up! Who's this little guy?

2 / 14

Can you identify this creature?

3 / 14

Which conquerer of the sea is this?

4 / 14

Can you name this majestic sea creature?

5 / 14

Which creature below matches the photo?

6 / 14

Identify this sea creature.

7 / 14

Can you name this sea creature that's on the move?

8 / 14

Which unique sea creature is this?

9 / 14

This eel was in The Little Mermaid...

10 / 14

Which fluffy sea creature is this?

11 / 14

Can you identify this sandy sea buddy?

12 / 14

Which popular sea creature is this?

13 / 14

What type of "Ray" is depicted above?

14 / 14

Who is this little guy?

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Which of these would you NEVER try?

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