Can You Name These 90’s Chick Flicks From a Single Image?

How elevated is your 90's rom-com knowledge? Let's find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Feb 13, 2024
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The first mention of "Romantic-Comedy" was in the 1930's! It was a great way to blend both the elements of comedy and romance across books, movies, and TV shows. It became a reliable box office pull in the 30s because of how it put everyone at ease during the Depression and World War II.

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Name this 90's rom-com

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Can you identify this film?

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Which iconic film is this scene from?

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Which classic film is this scene in?

5 / 13

Which film is this screenshot from?

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Name this classic 90's romantic film.

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Name this film!

8 / 13

Which scene does this film belong to?

9 / 13

Which Toni Collette film is this?

10 / 13

Which 90's chick flick is this?

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Which classic black romantic drama is this scene from?

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Name this movie...

13 / 13

Which exciting Rom-Com movie is this scene from?

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Do you tend to enjoy Rom-Coms?

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