Can You Match the Actors to Their Award-Winning Films?

Which film did Ryan Gosling win an Oscar for?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 5, 2024
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There have only been 6 ties in the history of the Oscars! Before the 1950s, the rules for The Academy Awards stated that if performers were within 3 votes of the winner it was a tie. Fortunately, the rules have switched up quite a bit making a tie impossible today. The more you know.

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Which film brought Leonardo DiCaprio's first Oscar to him?

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Which actor won an Oscar for Best Actor in "Bohemian Rhapsody"?

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Which film did Joaquin Phoenix win an Oscar for his incredible performance?

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Which film did Jamie Foxx win an Oscar for in 2004?

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Which of these films did Viola Davis win an Oscar for her heartfelt performance?

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Which of the films below did Ryan Gosling win an Oscar for?

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Which film did Brendan Fraser win an Oscar for his shocking performance?

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Which film did Lupita Nyong'o win an Oscar for?

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Which of these films is a Mahershala Ali Oscar-winner?

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Match Tom Hanks to one of his Oscar-winning films...

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What kind of speech would you give if you won an Oscar?

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