Calling All Bookworms: Which Films Are Adapted From Books?

Was the book better than the movie? Or did the book ever exist?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 1, 2023
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World Book Day was first created by UNESCO on April 23, 1995, as a way for the world to celebrate reading, storytelling, and books. However, the first World Book Day in the UK and Ireland took place in '97 - World Book Day will be on March 2, 2023, this year and it encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to spend just 10 minutes a day reading. Are you an avid book reader? Jump into our quiz to celebrate World Book Day!

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Which of these iconic films is a book?

2 / 10

One of these sports movies was a book...

3 / 10

Which of these classic films is based on a book?

4 / 10

Which of these movies pulls its material from an awesome book?

5 / 10

Which one is NOT a film adaptation?

6 / 10

Which beautiful film was NOT a book first?

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Which Disney/Pixar film is adapted from a book?

8 / 10

Which of these never had a book?

9 / 10

Which film didn't have a book?

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Pick the film adaptation.

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Which of these book series was your favorite?

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