Birthday Gifts for People Who "Don’t Want Anything"

Say hello to your newfound gift and goodbye to stress!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jun 29, 2023
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We all have those friends and family members (we're looking at you, Mom) who always claim they don't want anything for their birthday. Gift shopping can already be a stressor for some and others thrive when preparing gifts for those they love. We happen to be in that group of people that easily puts together presents for whatever occasion is necessary. But we understand the frustration that comes with finding a gift for someone who literally has EVERYTHING.

But fear not, here are some amazing gifts that are sure to put a smile on the Birthday Person's face. :)

Audible Subscription or an Audiobook

There's always that one friend who is "decluttering" - maybe it's you (we'll admit... it's also us), meaning you'll understand completely! When birthdays come around the last thing this person wants is "more stuff" - they say as you secretly try to ask them what they want for their birthday in a month...

So now what? Easy fix - decluttering can help with one's mental health and also just literally clear the space. When someone's decluttering they're looking to keep things organized or at least minimal. The perfect gift is an Audible subscription. It helps reduce space when they have the massive urge to buy new books before they finish the one on their desk. *clears throat*

You could also opt to get this person's favorite book so they can take it on the go while they work out. Perhaps a book about decluttering (full circle)?

Audible has a variety of subscription types that works for every bookworm in your life.

A New Experience

Want to really surprise this hard-to-shop-for person? Why not gift them an experience instead of buying them something physical that they may already. have two of in their closet? This is an easy one!

You can check in with them and find something they've always wanted to do alone or with friends or you can ask someone much closer to them. Skydiving is great if they want to try it - however, it doesn't always have to be the go-to as everyone isn't looking to be Tom Cruise jumping off the side of a mountain with a motorcycle for Mission Impossible. You can look into cooking classes, glass-blowing classes, dance classes, concerts, massages, and weekend getaways!

Start planting little hints now to see what they'd like to do. ✨ And hurry, they may not forgive you if they miss out on the Beyoncé concert this fall.

Donate to a Cause Near and Dear to Them in Their Name

All jokes aside, this one is also an easy one to do and can go a long way with someone who means a lot to you. There are several charity organizations out there that would love to have some support and that your favorite person would love to support.

Maybe they're a former victim of sexual assault or homelessness - find organizations that they can connect with and would love to support and donate. Sometimes people don't want money for themselves, they'd rather it go towards something helpful and meaningful.

Have a deeper conversation with them and figure out if they'd prefer for you to donate to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or help donate items to the Salvation Army.

Order or Create a Customized Gift for Them

For the person who has everything - why not get them something they surely don't have? Something uniquely created for them! This will surely leave their jaw on the floor which you can also scoop up and gift back to them.

When we say customizable we don't necessarily mean carving someone's name into something, though those sorts of gifts are beautiful as well. But we want to go beyond that! We mean - hiring a local artist to do a sketch for them or a caricature. A customizable t-shirt with their favorite saying or an inside joke you both have. You can even go as far as getting a shout-out video from a celebrity on platforms such as Cameo. Who doesn't want to hear that one guy from that one show say something your dad loves!?

Surprise Cake!

"Everyone's entitled to a good scare" - Brackett (Halloween, 1978) |

Send a Cake is an awesome gift option for their birthday. We've tried this one before and the recipient was completely surprised and got a great laugh out of it. They forgave us shortly afterward. Send a Cake makes delicious cakes that you can customize for someone special in your life! The best part of this is not only the dessert, but you can add flowers, butterflies, confetti, or all three to pop out of the box for a surprise!

Think of it like a Jack In The Box if you will - they'll not only remember this gift, but you can capture this memory on camera for them to relive. *whisper* Be sure to look over your shoulder for your birthday though.

A RIDICULOUS Amount of Hot Sauce

Who isn't a fan of Hot Ones - continuing down the food path, why not put their taste buds to the test and give them some hot sauce? Not just any hot sauce though, get them a large bottle of their favorites or the hot sauce set from Hot Ones!

They'd appreciate the gift because hot sauce is a simple condiment for anyone who loves spicy food, but also because most hot sauce enthusiasts enjoy collecting different varieties and trying out new flavors. They'll definitely feel seen since this gift is tailored to their interests! Just don't go expecting them to share any with you. :)

A Board Game Based on Their Favorite Movie or TV Show

Disclaimer: We make 0 promises that purchased board games won't come to life and destroy their living room.

This is another birthday gift that you can tailor to their interests! Maybe they're a fan of The Office or Pokémon - there's a card game and board game for everything out there. Plus they'd appreciate mixing up game night with something besides Cards Against Humanity!

A Cardboard Cutout of Your Favorite Celebrity... or You

I don't think this one needs a big explanation. Who doesn't want to look over and see a cutout of their favorite celebrity from their desk? I'll admit, the idea may be a little scary at first, BUT just advise them not to put it in the corner of a dark room and they'll be "fine"!

Also if this person says the only thing they want for their birthday is "you" and you don't need to get them "anything" - a good workaround is a cardboard cutout of... you.

Something Unique From Uncommon Goods

One of the most out-of-this-world places (we're not talking about a trip to the Moon - though that'd be fun!) you can grab birthday gifts for just about any occasion and any person is Uncommon Goods! Their Moon Phase Stepping Stones are a stellar choice for anyone with a garden or entranceway. And if they don't have a garden - they can always start one now!

Nothing :)

Yep - this is what you think it is, or maybe it's not! One of the best gifts you can give someone who "doesn't want anything" or "has everything" is the Gift of Nothing!

You can take this quite literally and take them out for dinner orrrr you can take it up a notch - which is why you're here reading this article - and give them a gag gift. The Gift of Nothing is an old classic for people who "don't want anything". You can create one yourself or you can order one online. But it's a nicely wrapped gift with nothing inside.

That's it! Or you can put the word "Nothing" inside as well. This is sure to get you a laugh and give you one as well as you notice their reaction!

So there you have it, peeps! Some fun and creative gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for birthday recipients. Just remember, the most important thing... include the gift receipt. Just kidding, it's to show them that you care, even if they pretend they don't want anything. Happy gifting!

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