Avoid Dracula Nails: 6 Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Get your nail file and some coffee - let's learn about keeping our nails healthy in this short and fun read.

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On May 3, 2023
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Your nails aren't just an extension of yourself. Think of them the way you think of your hair and your teeth - you keep them brushed and taken care of, right? Your nails need love too. Nail care doesn't have to be an expensive process - you can do all of this at home and skip the line at the nail salon if desired. Let's walk through 6 EASY and SIMPLE ways to keep your nails in better shape and cleaner than Draculas.

1. Keep your nails trimmed

Have you ever gotten your nails snagged on a blanket or fabric? This tip is for you! Keep those nails trimmed. Keeping your nails trimmed is a simple thing you can do yourself at home. You can do this with a nail file or small nail clippers which can easily be found at your local stores or even Amazon if you want to order online (either for a very fair price, sets under $10 USD). The benefit is that it helps you sustain healthy-looking nails and prevents them from breaking. Keep in mind, if you do enjoy wearing your nails long, keeping them trimmed doesn't mean short, just means - rounding out any jagged edges.

2. Don't use your nails as tools

We're all guilty of this one: using our nails as an anchor when we're opening a soda, using our nails to push an elevator button, punching a hole in something to open it, etc. This may be the easiest thing we mention today on our list. Using your nails as a tool will lead them to break off in a painful way. Though you can recover from breaks, it's best to avoid them if you can. Especially if your nails tend to break easily. When you need to open a can of soda, use a key or utensil to get underneath the tab instead. Use your knuckle to tap the elevator button - the alternatives will save you some heartache down the line.

3. Invest in nail strengthener polishes

When you first hear "nail polish" what is the first thing you think of? Add strengthener to that list and incorporate it into your weekly nail care. The color and shape of your nails are great, but it doesn't matter if your nails are weak and brittle. It's common to experience nail breakages, whether from regular use of acrylic or gel nails or from nail-biting habits. It happens to everyone, and can be frustrating to deal with. Nail strengtheners are an easy solution that you can use at home and something you don't have to go to the salon for. Nail strengtheners do the hard work and add an extra, smooth, but hard layer of protection over your nails, keeping them safe and allowing them to grow. Some also take nail supplements like Biotin to pair with it, but the choice is up to you. The polish is sometimes more than enough as some versions deliver extra minerals and antioxidants.

4. Don't forget to take care of your cuticles

Everyday Health said it best, you have to think of your cuticle like the protective layer around your bathtub - you want to make sure it doesn't crack or tear away from dryness or biting. Some people push them back and trim them and keep them oiled, while others just simply use cuticle oil every night before bed. If you decide to groom your cuticles using tools, it's important to be gentle and not rough. Being too aggressive can lead to infection or damage to your nail bed, which can be harmful. You can always read about how to care for your cuticles safely or enlist some help from a friend or someone at a nail salon. Cuticle oil should be in everyone's toolbox - moisturizing them keeps them soft, pretty, and healthy. You can also use a cream - we recommend Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ($6 USD).

5. Wear gloves when you hand wash the dishes

Are you a cook or tend to wash things by hand? Are you a cleaner with your hands submerged in hot water all day? Then this one is for you! Frequently washing your hands with soap and water is crucial for maintaining good hygiene and keeping germs away. However, it's also wise to wear gloves while washing dishes for extra protection. Having your hands submerged in hot and soapy water for long periods of time or frequently when cleaning can sometimes make your nails a bit flimsy. You don't need fancy gloves, just ones that fit comfortably and can be easily disposed of or reused after cleaning.

6. Don't underestimate the power of a base coat!

If you enjoy wearing darker-colored or super-pigmented nail polish - get yourself a bottle of base coat nail polish! Some days it's easier to throw a little color on your nails and call it a day. Using a base coat can prevent your nails from getting stained and save you the trouble of spending hours trying to remove the nail color by peeling or scraping it off, which can cause damage to your nails. "It's the best defense against staining" with the shield (aka the protective layer) of polish between your nail bed and the pigment. Dealing with the yellowish staining that appears on nails is no fun when attempting to cover it. However, a noteworthy advantage of a base coat is that it often results in a prolonged and polished appearance of your manicure. We love the Sally Hansen Nail Treatment for $5 USD. It works double duty as a top coat and a base coat.

The list goes on and on, but the big takeaway is: Treat your nails how you want to be treated. emoji When you notice you're tired and worn out, what do you do? You rest and take care of yourself - do the same for your nails. Keep an eye out for any changes, discoloration, signs of infection, jagged edges, or dry cuticles. if you struggle to keep up with nail care, try adding something small to your night routine. For example, as we mentioned earlier, cuticle oil. Keep a bottle or canister of cuticle cream on your bathroom counter, or carry a nail file in your bag or pocket to maintain your nails while on the go. Remember, taking care of your nails now will pay off in the long run!

Be honest: Do you take good care of your nails? :)

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