Are These Myths About Disneyland True or Fake?

Test your Disneyland knowledge with these WILD myths!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Oct 29, 2022
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Myths have been surrounding the many parks of Disney since they first opened! One of the most popular is that Walt Disney is frozen and buried under the park in Florida! What myths are true and fake? Jump into our quiz below to test your knowledge!

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If you yell "Andy is coming" the Toy Story characters will fall down.

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The Cinderella Castle could be dismantled to prepare for bad hurricanes.

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Adults can order off the kid's menu.

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Some character costumes come with air conditioning.

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A bust in the Haunted Mansion attraction is made to look like Walt Disney himself.

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Disney characters go to different parts of the park.

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The Cinderella Castle is made out of fiberglass.

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Someone once got stuck on a ride and had to listen to the ride's song for over 30 minutes.

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Mickey Mouse has over 250 outfits.

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Disney cast members cannot say the word "no" to a customer.

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