6 Phone Apps That’ll Help You Stay Organized

In need of some apps that are actually useful and can help you stay on top of things in your day-to-day life? Check out our short and easy read!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 30, 2023
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Did you know that almost 100% of screen time people spend on their phone is in some sort of app? Also that the average phone user has about 80 applications downloaded to their phone (this includes ones already installed on the phone). How many of your apps help you in your day-to-day life? Let us put you on to six phone apps that will help you stay or become the most organized person in your friend group!

#1 - ClickUp

ClickUp is the app advertised as the one app to help you replace ALL apps you have on your phone. ClickUp provides a place for you to come together with your team to plan and develop ideas, and events as well as execute them. ClickUp can also be downloaded for personal use by yourself and your friends. It's said to boost productivity to new heights and keep you not only on top of your tasks and errands but keep you well ahead. Document, workflow, and project management and scheduling are just a few things you can do.

ClickUp's prices are reasonable for personal use, clocking in at $0.00 USD to download and use! Prices for unlimited, business, and enterprise use are available too - ranging from $9.00 USD to over $30.00 USD a month. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

#2 - Habitica

"Gamify your life" with Habitica! Habitica helps you set plans, errands, and even goals and helps you STICK to them. It's 10x better with friends. A friend can form a party and you can become a mage, a healer, etc., and fight bosses simply by completing your tasks, dailies, or To-Dos! However be careful, each daily you don't complete you and your team takes damage from the boss. It's a fun way to stay accountable with your friends. As a result, you get rewarded with gold, pets/mounts (we love our Panda mount), gems, and clothing items/weapons.

You can change/alter your habits and set the difficulty for them. You can add major To-Dos such as projects or something as simple as reorganizing your bedroom or office. The things in your Habitica are completely private and cannot be seen by your team/friends. Feel free to get personal with it if you'd like: Set up that appointment for therapy, drink water more often, etc. There is a ton of content and different quests/monsters you can take on in Habitica for it to remain fresh at all times.

Habitica is completely free to use, however, there are microtransactions of your choosing. You can pay to buy gold and gems which help you get cosmetics. However, you can get a ton of cosmetics and pets without spending money. Give it a try!

#3 - Lifesum

Lifesum is a great app for everyone who needs a way to keep up with their meal planning and meal logging/journaling! Recommended to us strongly by friends who are keeping up with their water intake - it's said to "inspire people to live healthier lives through food". It was originally designed for Google Assistant, but has expanded to what we know today! The app is available in 11 languages on iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

Lifesum is great for anyone with diety restrictions, one of the best. It's super easy to use and includes all of the nutritional information you could ever ask for. It is highly customizable with dozens of plan options. The best thing... the price for this is low - $3.75 USD a month! The only con is that there isn't a community or any sort of coaching so you have to garner support from some friends IRL.

Does Lifesum sound like it's for you?

#4 - Letterboxd

Need a place to keep a running list of movies you've seen, want to see, and your favorite movies? Maybe a list of movies that feature New York City? Letterboxd is your app! Completely free and available for iOS and Android, Letterboxd is a solid place to converse and share your love of film with others. You can simply rate your favorite films, leave intelligent reviews that are connected to your blog or YouTube channel (links readers back), or leave funny/quirky reviews.

You can add your friends, follow your favorite film reviewers, and enjoy the sleek design that makes Letterboxd special. Some things people don't love: the quirky reviews and that some may leave ratings before the film is out - so tread lightly and with caution as you read. It can be a fun place to keep track of movies, their ratings, etc.

Now pricing! Again, Letterboxd is FREE, but you can obtain a Pro or Patron account that allows you to do a variety of things. You can pin a review to your account, have personalized stat pages for your films, and even remove third-party app ads. The price for Pro is $19.00 USD/Year and for Patron, it is $49.00 USD/Year.

Give Letterboxd a try and get engaged with the Twitter account! Every #LetterbodxFriday Letterboxd asks their followers to post screenshots of their #LastFourWatched. Have fun!

#5 - Yuka

With "make the right choices for your health" as Yuka's motto - this app is a great one to add to help you stay organized while you make your grocery shopping list! Let's be honest here, we all get sidetracked when we go to the grocery store. Sometimes we see that box of snacks that weren't originally on our list and we wonder if it's gonna be good for our dietary needs or goals. With Yuka, you can scan products in-store and see an overall rating for how good the product is. You'll be hit with the negatives and the positives. Whether it's too much sugar and additives, or just the right amount of sodium intake you need daily - Yuka will let you know.

Yuka is a completely independent project and people are in love with it these days. Yuka has now expanded to a place where you can scan to analyze the overall quality of cosmetics (shampoo, etc.) as well! Yuka is generally free to use and works well. However you can get a Premium Subscription for 15€ (EU), 15£ (UK), or 20$ (US) / per year. This premium subscription allows you to have access to an advanced search bar and the ability to use the app in offline mode.

If any of this strikes your interest give Yuka a try!

#6 - Campfire

Campfire Write is a great piece of software that helps writers from all types of backgrounds and experiences! Campfire, also available for download on iOS and Android, allows you to really dig into the characters you are creating and the world you're building. Worldbuilding isn't limited to just fantasy and adventure films but is also useful for other genres. With Campfire, you can collaborate with your writing partners/team to bring your story to life in a clear, creative, and decisive way.

It promotes creativity, innovation, and risk-taking! It gives you, the storyteller, the space to try things out and to workshop ideas. The pricing is flexible and you get some of the same benefits across the free and paid subscription. You can pay for modules monthly ranging from $0.50 USD to $1.50 USD or pay for the lifetime subscription for each ranging from $7.50 USD to $45.00 USD. These modules consist of: Things to help you expand the designs of your map, characters, etc.

If Campfire sounds like it's for you, give it a try!

With these 6 apps under your belt now, you're sure to stay more than organized and prepared to handle anything coming your way. Which app is your favorite of the ones we mentioned above? We're open to hearing suggestions of the favorites you already own as well.

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