5 Job Search Websites That Can Help You Land Your Next Job!

5 job search websites and what you should know about them.

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On May 22, 2022
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Searching for a job is not an easy task! There are dozens of job search websites and it can be overwhelming. Don't worry! You are not in this alone! Here are five websites in no particular order to help you get started on your job hunt! The services they offer range from paid, to free, to remote opportunities. Let's suit up and talk about it!

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1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn first launched back in 2003 and you probably see it everywhere now as it is the largest professional networking platform, housing over 700 million users from around the world. What sets LinkedIn apart is that your profile not only acts as a public digital resume and/or portfolio, but you can use LinkedIn as a social networking tool. It's a safe and professional space to collaborate on projects, add recruiters, and keep a healthy eye on jobs you want to apply to. LinkedIn also has how-to-steps to help you make connections and optimize your profile for search, which can lead to your next job opportunities.

2. Indeed

Known as the more business casual cousin of LinkedIn, Indeed was established in 2004. Their simple slogans: We're here to help" and "We Help People Get Jobs" ring true as they have something for everyone from every walk of life. Whether you're looking for freelance, internship, or full-time or entry-level or executive positions - Indeed has you covered. With a relaxed yet professional environment, you can upload your resume to complete applications quickly. The best part about Indeed is that it is FREE and no account has to be made. However, if you do create an account it's still free and you receive email alerts when there are new job postings. 

3. Flexjobs

If you're wanted to avoid scams in an ad-free environment and don't mind spending a little money once a week, FlexJobs is for you! FlexJobs was founded by Sara Sutton in 2007 and hasn't stopped growing. It has easily become one of the largest websites for scam-free remote jobs. Catering to those who love remote opportunities, there are thousands of companies looking for new employees. As mentioned before, FlexJobs is a paid service: $9.95 for one week, $24.95 for a month-long membership, $39.95 for three months, and $64.95 for a year. Signing up gives you access to professionally vetted listings and deals on laptops, career coaching, and QuickBooks. All of the proceeds FlexJobs receives goes to research on each job to make sure they're legit. You can rest assured that you'll have a safe and peaceful and peaceful experience with them!

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4. Glassdoor

Ever want a bit more transparency when it comes to job salary? Glassdoor has your back! In 2008 Glassdoor was developed with the honest intention to share company reviews and salaries with future employees. Glassdoor has 32 million unique monthly users between its website and mobile application. With Glassdoor, it's very simple: create a profile, type in resume information or upload it and set your preference for email alerts for job opportunities geared to you. You can look for your next job while also resting in a place of comfort when it comes to learning about each job's benefits, office culture, and salary information. One of the most exciting insights of Glassdoor is the chance to read up on interview experiences from prospective employees.

5. Monster

Monster, the digital recruiting trail-blazer made the list! Spearheading the online job search market back in 1994, the company has job search tools that are free to use! Though there may not be as many job search filters, the quality of the website is top tier. Some jobs may require you to make an account so be on the lookout for that. Within your personal account you can save searches, keywords, and positions that you want to keep an eye on. Monster also offers paid services for resume and LinkedIn makeovers for $129 (basic package) to $349 (Premier package). Why note get your resume reworked and then apply to the many jobs listed on Monster?


In conclusion, there are many websites where you can search for your next job. Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, FlexJobs, and Glassdoor all offer something for everyone. It doesn't matter about the size of your wallet or the type of job you're looking for. Be patient with yourselves as you take the next step in your career path. Wishing you the absolute best of luck on your journey. 

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