10 YouTube Chefs You MUST Follow to Prepare Your Next Best Meals

If you haven't been doing so already, it's time to turn to Youtube for your tastiest meals.

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On May 22, 2022
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TikTok and Pinterest continue to take the "how to prepare *insert name of meal* at home in 3 easy steps" game by storm, but don't forget about the OG, YouTube! YouTube is filled the brim with amazing Chefs, professional and new, who have meals that range from easy to copy-cats and challenging to super fun. Let's dive into 10 YouTube chefs we recommend you hit that subscribe button for. 

1. Joshua Weissman

Josh aka Papa keeps his cooking videos entertaining, short, and funny! Starting with a love for food at a young age thanks to his mother, Josh was always fascinated with cooking. Overcoming the severe bullying he experienced for his weight at the time, Josh moved out on his own and took the fine-dining scene by storm. He educated himself and amassed an impressive amount of knowledge from the hard work he put in. "But Better," "But Cheaper," and "But Faster" are just a few mini-series on the channel offering exciting, hilarious, and informative insight to help everyone become a better cook.

"Making the McDonald's Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit, BUT BETTER"

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Watch Josh recreate a popular breakfast sandwich from McDonald's!

2. Babish Culinary Universe (Binging with Babish)

Andrew Rea, Babish, has made a name for himself with the style the videos are shot in and the soothing nature of his content. Babish is self taught behind and in front of the camera as well as in the kitchen. He takes risks, takes inspiration from fictional meals from our favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. He's experimental, has humor, and is very transparent about mistakes he encounters when trying something new. His videos are very easy to follow as well as the cooking live streams he does for viewers to follow along.

"Binging with Babish: Land Octopus from Elden Ring"

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In this one, Babish takes on the well-known video game "Elden Ring" making one of the enemies into a meal.

3. Yeung Man Cooking

Wil Yeung of the clever named channel Yeung Man Cooking is a Hong Kong-born Canadian who isn't vegan and didn't start off as a chef, but discovered his love for plant-based foods! He is an international photographer and violinist, now YouTube chef! He came over to Canada at a young age continuing to use his solid Cantonese while learning English - at the top of each of his videos he teaches viewers how to say something new! He keeps recipes simple while encouraging viewers to branch out when they shop for ingredients!

"The incredible Curry Pea Soup recipe you can make quick and split"

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Wil makes delicious and flavorful Curried Pea Soup in just under 12 minutes!

4. How to Cook that (With Ann Reardon)

Ann Reardon is an Australian fountain of knowledge and talent! She's a food scientist and an inventive, accomplished pastry chef. How to Cook That is Ann's fun and award-winning YouTube series where she debunks cooking videos from the likes of TikTok and Youtube itself. Not only does she debunk, but she also takes the time to show safer and full-proof ways the recipes in question can work. She advocates for a safer platform for those who love crafting and baking - not being afraid to have open discussions about channels that put children at risk. A published author, she happily shares easy and eye-popping, and delicious dessert recipes in her book "Crazy Sweet Creations."

"Debunking Crazy WATERMELON Cement Hack & Cooking in a DISHWASHER"

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In this one, Ann and her husband open up the cement watermelon after three months to debunk the theory that it keeps the watermelon fresh. She also talks about the TikTok trend, cooking foods in dishwashers!

5. Natasha's Kitchen

If she's not on your radar, stop by this quirky ray of sunshine's YouTube channel. Natasha Kravchuk of Natasha's Kitchen has outdone herself by creating a warm, inviting, and very kind cooking community. Natasha's Kitchen was started back in 2009 and is still growing strong. Coming from a family of great cooks, Natasha came to the US from Ukraine when she was only four years old ready to start a new life. Married with children, she now shares easy, adventurous, family-friendly recipes. All of her videos are tied together nicely with fun transitions and quips!  

"Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon Recipe"

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Natasha tackles a savory, but sweet glazed salmon recipe for the family!

6. Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné is a former Georgia Peach, but has an insatiable love of sweet potatoes! She discovered her love of cooking through cooking with her grandmother. She developed her cooking channel back in 2011 where she shares several easy-to-make vegan recipes. She is also a published author with her self-titled cookbook "Sweet Potato Soul" being available online and in local bookstores. Both on her YouTube channel and in her cookbook she shares tips on how to eat healthy, vegan meals for children, dinner for one cooking videos, and for groups.

"How to Make Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes"

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Jenné tackles amazing vegan pancakes that can be enjoyed by everyone!

7. How to Cake It (with Yolanda Gampp)

Spunky and hilarious, Yolanda, who was inspired by her father (who was also a baker), attended a culinary school in Toronto and quickly discovered she preferred baking. She is a self-taught baker and cake designer who got her start on Food Network's show SugarStars, which was sadly canceled. The producers of the show, who would soon be the producers of "How to Cake It", told Yolanda they wanted to make an entertaining baking show starring her. Excited, she jumped on the idea in 2015 and the rest is history! Her YouTube channel pretty much invented the "is it real or is it cake" phenomenon. Naming her tools, always using a ruler to measure, she keeps her crew and audience entertained while creating informative videos that can be followed at home. An author of a couple of books and teacher on her website, she works with other bakers to teach people at home exactly "How to Cake It". 

"GIANT 10lb Popeyes Chicken Sandwich... But It's Cake"

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Yolanda makes an awesome cake that looks like the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich!

8. Good Mythical Kitchen

If you know Good Mythical Morning (GMM) then you know that there are some great masterminds behind the foods that appear on the show. Including but not limited to "Will It" episodes! Good Mythical Kitchen is comprised of several awesome team members: Josh, Nicole, Trevor, and Vianai. Every video is a hit and they are continuously working on expanding the channel with unique mini-series. They work to create innovative and bold copycat recipes and combinations of foods you wouldn't think could work well together. They keep things hilarious and exciting in the kitchen with their different personalities and backgrounds in cooking.

"Josh Makes the Ultimate Italian Panda Express Mashup"

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Tiny Kitchen

Kate originally started "In the Kitchen with Kate" back in 2013 which is now named "This with Them", a YouTube channel she does with her brother Alex where they'd cook meals, discuss lifestyle, and travel. She was approached by Tastemade UK who saw and loved her videos and asked her if she was interested in making a tiny cooking show. Kate jumped on the idea and Tiny Kitchen came to life. She uses custom-made miniature equipment to bring her tiny delicious meals to life. Give her a channel a visit to see what cute and small creations you can make!

"Tiny Austin Smoked Brisket | Tiny Kitchen on the Road"

youtube embed goes here!

10. Cooking Con Claudia

Claudia started her YouTube cooking journey in 2016 and hasn't looked back. She's a wife and mother of 5 and has lovingly opened up her kitchen to show us how to make delicious meals. She prides herself on not being a chef, but just loving food and enjoying cooking for her family. She makes the best authentic and mouth-watering Mexican recipes. Don't miss out on what she has to offer!

"The Best Birrira de Res and Consome | Birria Quesa Tacos"

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Claudia walks us through making juicy and savory Birria Quesa Tacos!

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