10 Small Etsy Shops You Should Look Into for the Holidays!

The holidays are coming up and we got you covered! Here are some shops you can gather some cool gift ideas from!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Dec 10, 2022
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As of 2022, there are approximately 4.4 million active sellers on Etsy! Following in closely behind Amazon, Chewy, and Apple, Etsy was considered the 4th fastest growing online commerce company in 2021. How often do you shop at Etsy? Maybe you can do some shopping there for the holidays! Let's take a look.


We all have that spice lover in our life and it's never difficult to figure out what to get them for the holidays. However, what spices from the local grocery store or niche YouTube channel merch shop have you NOT bought from.? To keep things fresh, check out Calicutts Spice Co, ran by Jessica Hughes! Calicutts provides fresh herbs, spices, candles, and more. Whether you want to get your loved one a single jar of herbs or a pack of four themed around something they enjoy (taco night, food with heat, or grilling out back) - Callicutts has got you covered. There is even a wider selection on the official website (https://www.calicutts.com)!


Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the only time you gift something sweet to the sweet tooth haver in your life - the holidays are the perfect time for that as well. Check out Tatum Sweets on Etsy, who wants you to know they are "fully stocked up and ready for your Holiday Gift orders and Large Corporate orders" as well! From chocolate bombs for your hot chocolate to chocolate stir sticks, you're sure to make this holiday magical for someone. This lovely shop may also have something you enjoy as well, be sure to look around and treat yourself this season too. 


We all have a loveable dork in our lives, maybe it's you and you want to share your interest with the ones you love. Rustik Heart may be the shop for you! With KD as their main contact and the shop being located in Houston, TX - they pride themselves as hardworkng group of friends who are like family! Rustik Heart makes jewlery ranging from custom named jewlery to dainty gem sets. One of their most popular items is a morse code bracelet that can spell out a name a or a short message. Be sure to give them a look!


Anyone else over eggnog? How about sharing a boozey gift with someone for the holiday season? Take a look at Kyle's shop - Craft Connections Co.! He mentions that they really "aim for 100% satisfaction" for customers, promises not to leave us hanging, and is open to any questions we all may have. Their products range from cocktail kits, coffee starter kits, and olive oil and vinegar infusion kits. All packages are cute, well structure, and sure to make anyone's holiday jolly.


Want to "send a hug in a box'? Bella has got you covered with Unbox Me Gifts on Etsy! During this time of year the holidays consume alot of our time, but let's not forget the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Unbox Me Gifts tests every item before packaging them and ensures that each customer will love them. You can rest assured that whoever you gift this lovely present to will never forget it and will be forever grateful.


Mary K.'s Succulent Kreations Co. shop is PERFECT for those of us who don't know how to package a gift together or what to put in it exactly to offer self-care to those we love. Your package can include a succulent to add some color to a room, candles, lip balm, soaps, and lotions to soften the hands and feet, etc. Some even come with a super cute Christmas mug with items prepared so the recipient can make delicious and comforting tea. 


Looking for something for someone who just redecorated or just moved into a new home? Simple and practical is a sure win! Located in Orange, California, Resine Et Fleur is not only innovative, but adds a free-spirited vibe to a home, lightening up the recipient’s space. They offer coasters made of milky hydrangeas, jewlery trays made of golden pearls, and even things like hibiscus floral trinkets. They are very transparent about their prices and are happy to answer any questions you may have about their handmade resin crafts.


Do you have a fan of minimalistic decor in your life? Well, look no further than Ana Glass Design on Etsy! Located in Berlin and with a nack of replying quickly - Ana Borges Kitze handcrafts items ranging from tree ornaments, geometric holders for succulents, incense burners, and jewelry boxes - the list goes on. Shoppers say the shipping is incredibly fast and the packaging is nice, so it should save you an extra step when wrapping it before gifting. Ana's glass star Christmas ornament is the most sought-after gift from her shop. Jump on to grab yours before it's too late! 


Want to get something cozy to wear with your partner or family? Or do you have a family in your life that you know enjoys dressing up like one another for the holidays? Check out Gorilla Rex's shop! With a history of smooth shipping and prompt replies, you can rest assured Rex has got you covered with quirky shirts for every occasion. Holiday themed, family themed, and even custom orders. Customers say Gorilla Rex's shirts are of great quality, soft, and look just as they do in the photos. With a reliable and trustworthy shop such as Rex's, you can't go wrong!


A safe, but very creative and fun bet your person is sure to love is a portrait! Portraits 4 Arts Sake makes portraits of pets, people, celebrities, you name it. Some of Etsy's most loyal users' favorites are the royal pet and the royal person's styles! Helen, the shop owner, creates their portraits with love and joy and it shows! This gift is perfect for just about anyone especially those who enjoy art and humor, and maybe have a pet! Be sure to check out her shop and leave a comment once you make a purchase!

There you have it!, shopping made incredibly easy with Etsy! Hurry along before you miss your shipping window for the holidays! You can thank us later, but do thank the lover creators and sellers on Etsy later now!

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