Heels That Won't Break Your Neck Or Your Wallet

High heels are an amazing fashion innovation, because they not help you to make your figure look fabulous, but they also add a few inches of precious height. However, they are not without downside. High heels can be a pain in the you-know-what, which you know if you've ever worn them. We've found the best heels for you to wear to look fabulous as can be, while also not causing yourself too much pain!

Created by Veronica
On Jul 14, 2017
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Ankle Strap Heel

The strap helps keep your ankle more secure and the platform drastically lessens pain!

Get them for only $69 here!


Sling Back Heel

Sling back heels keep your foot in place to avoid sliding and blisters.

These won't destroy your feet or wallet. Get them for only $30.96 here!


Chunky Heel

The thicker the heel the less likely you are to break your neck!
Get these hot new stylish shoes here for only $27.75.


Cork Heel

A cork sole is extra lightweight and is more of a cushion for your feet to avoid those jabbing pains.
Get these perfect neutral heels for only $14.99 here.


Stacked Heel

The stacked heel serves as a sturdy base and a curved platform eases the pain from the ball of the foot.
Shop for similar, comfortable and chic styles that won't break your neck or your wallet here.


Round Toe Heel

A round toe creates more room upfront to prevent your toes from cramping up.
Get this fashionable stiletto heel for only $38 here.


Perforated Heel

A perforated style creates more airflow inside the heel which keeps your foot cool and dry, proving traction to prevent slips.
On top of that, the style is super chic! Get these here for only $40.


High Front Heels

Heels with a thick and sturdy platform are the perfect way to avoid that excruciating foot pain - and add extra style to your heels. Shop Jessica Simpson at Macy's for various styles of high front heels that are all affordable!


Conical Heel

The conical shaped heel is extremely sturdy, ensuring your ankle does not break!
Shop Nordstrom for more stylish conical heels all at great prices!


Lace Up Heel

Lace up heels prevent narrow feet from sliding around and causing blisters!
Get these cute and comfy heels here for only $28.50.


Espadrille Heel

The basically flat espadrilles will have you forgetting you're even wearing heels!
Get them here while they're 50% off!


Raffia Wedge

The raffia wedge supports your foot with a cushion sole to avoid the ceaseless pain!
Check out Missguided for great raffia style wedges at affordable prices.

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