Fashion Police: Stylistic No-nos You Must Start Avoiding

Looks like somebody called the fuzz! No, not the real police, the fashion police! And no, we won't be handcuffing anybody, but we are here to help you avoid big fashions blunders. Read below to find out the biggest stylistic no-nos that are unfortunately more common than we'd like them to be!

Created by Veronica
On Aug 11, 2017
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Avoid too-skimpy separates

If you're going to wear a very cropped shirt, balance it out with less revealing bottoms. Or vice versa.


Don't wear tights as pants

Tights are not pants, the see-through look is NOT in.


Don't wear outfits with visible designer logos from top to bottom

A small logo is classy and tasteful, but if your decked out in logos you'll lose the chicness.


Avoid wearing sandals with dirty feet/nails

If you wanna wear your pretty summer sandals, your feet better be ready to show off - but only in the good way. Make sure you have a nice pedicure and clean feet.


Don't mix & match different patterns

Patterns are a great fashion statement - in moderation! Mixing and matching patterns can to them clashing with each other instead of spicing up your outfit.


Stay away from the "unzipped" look

The picture says it all....definite fashion no-no.


Socks with slippers

Is an explanation really needed? It's always been a tacky look and is still not in.


Don't go overboard with the animal print

Animal print is a perfect way to spice up any outfit! However, there's a limit and head-to-toe animal print is surely passed the limit.


Toes hanging out of shoe

No reason why your toes should be hanging out of your shoes. Just get the next size up and avoid this fashion fopaux.


Shun the visible panty lines

Visible panty lines can ruin a gorgeous outfit. Thankfully skin tights underwear and thongs will solve that problem!


Avoid the infamous camel toe

It can happen to any of us, but it doesn't look good on anyone. Be aware of the infamous camel toe and avoid it at all costs.


Avoid ruffles on ruffles

Ruffles made it big in 2017! But too much of a good thing can ruin that good thing! Stay simple and keep ruffles exclusively on the top or bottom.


Don't overdose on accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to jazz up a simple outfit, however wearing too many will downgrade any outfit.


Don't go too matchy-matchy

Matching your top to your bottoms, or your dress to your shoes is always great. But don't go over board with the matching.Here's a hint: if you wear a red dress, don't wear red shoes.

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