How Well Do You Know 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'?

A great book, a fantastic cartoon, and a fun movie: How The Grinch Stole Christmas has been told many many times. How well do you know the story? Questions will be from the book/animated feature, and the movie with Jim Carrey playing the Grinch.

Vanja Orman
Created by Vanja Orman
On Dec 24, 2015
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Where did the Grinch live in relation to Whoville?

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How many sizes too small was the Grinch's heart?

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What is the name of the Grinch's dog?

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What is the name of the Mountain the Grinch lives on?

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Where does Whoville exist?

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How does the Grinch feel about Roast Beast?

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According to the classic song, the Grinch's heart has what kind of "purple spots"?

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In the animated special: What was the Grinch taking right when Cindy Lou Who discovered him?

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According to the book, what do the Whos feast on apart from Roast Beast?

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In the book/cartoon, how old was Cindy Lou Who?

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In the Jim Carrey version: What was the Mayor's first name?

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What is the name of "Whoville's Most Important Celebration" in the Jim Carrey version?

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In the Jim Carrey version: What did the Grinch intend to do with all the stolen presents?

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Martha May is one of the few Whos down in Whoville whose last name isn't "Who". What is her last name?

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What did Jim Carrey's Grinch use as deodorant at the beginning of the movie?

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