This Test Will Determine Whether You Need Life Insurance

Is it finally time to get some life insurance? Take this quiz to find out!

Vanessa Kramer
On Jun 13, 2018

Would you ever sky dive?

Do you get into relationships quickly? Or does it take you awhile to commit?

Is it "in general" easy for you to make new friends?

Would you travel 1 hour on a bus to get to your job?

Have you ever snuck around on your partner's phone?

Your friend wants to give you a makeover, do you say yes?

Would you ever consider going to a foreign country by yourself?

Would you ever go on a blind date? need life insurance need life insurance

You're a huge risk taker and should consider taking out a life insurance policy ASAP! don't need life insurance don't need life insurance

You play it safe and don't really need life insurance. You always think of the pros and cons before doing something "out of character".