Are You Racist And Just Don't Know It? Check Yourself With This Quiz

With the #BlackLivesMatter movement growing by the day, it's a good time to check in and ask yourself whether or not you are the ally you think you are. Take this quiz and find out where you stand

Vanessa Kramer
Created by Vanessa Kramer
On Jul 5, 2020

What is your reaction when someone suggests you did something racist?

Have you ever smiled more at someone so they knew you weren't racist towards them?

Have you ever avoided talking or walking near a black person because you were trying to protect yourself?

Have you ever talked or acted differently around someone of a different race than yours?

Have you ever made sweeping statements about the behavior of a certain race?

Have you ever said "no" to dating someone because they weren't of your culture?

Have you ever stayed silent while a friend of a different race is being bullied or treated unfairly?

Have you ever used hurtful terms, even as a joke?

Yay! You are an ally

Yay! You are an ally

According to your answers, you are an ally and thoroughly anti-racist. You understand what it means to be non-white and actually take action to sticking up for your fellow men. Click below to share your results.

Hmm... you could afford to educate yourself

Hmm... you could afford to educate yourself

You might not mean to, but you could afford to be a little more woke when it comes to race issues. Start watching movies and documentaries and listen to the opinions of people from other races.

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