Only 90's Kids Will Ace This TV Trivia

If you get up in the 90's you should have NO problem acing this quiz. See if you can get a perfect score on the ultimate 90's kids tv show trivia quiz.

Only Children Of The 90's Will Be Able To Get 25/30 On This 90's Kids TV Quiz

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What is the name of Amanda's number 1 fan on "The Amanda Show"

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What's the name of Arthur's homeroom teacher in the TV show "Arthur"

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What's the green teletubby's name?

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Which charater on "Hey Arnold" always said "You're a bold kid" to Arnold?

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What's the name of the bus Bertha drives in the TV show "Recess"

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What's the name of Tommy's dog on Rugrats?

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The Bananas in Pajamas had three teddy bear companions named Amy, Morgan and:

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What's Mermaid Man's sidekick's name in the tv show "Spongebob SquarePants"?

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What was the coffee-themed mock talk show called on the kids sketch show "All That"?

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What's the name of Wishbone's kid owner on the tv show "Wishbone"?

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What city did Johnny Bravo live in?

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What's the name of the school the Magic School Bus kids go to?

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What's the Powerpuff Girls' creator's name?

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What did Lunette call "clean up time" on the tv show "The Big Comfy Couch"?

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In the tv show "Pepper Ann", what was Pepper Ann's cat's name?

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In the show "PB&J Otter", what lake did the 3 otters live on?

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Who were the two guys always trying to bust the Power Rangers and find out their secret identity?

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What is Sailor Moon's real name?

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What was the name of Doug and Skeeter's favorite band in the tv show "Doug"?

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What city did Inspector Gadget live in?

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In the tv show "Boy Meets World", what does Eric say is his favorite fish?

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What was the color of Tommy's shirt on the very first episode of Rugrats?

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What was the name of the pilot in the "Ducktales" animated series?

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What was language called that they spoke on the tv show "Zoom"?

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What's the name of everyone's favorite baby psychiatrist in Rugrats?

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What was Johnny Bravo's catchphrase?

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What was the name of the popular girl group on Recess?

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What was the name of Arthur and Buster's favourite superhero on the tv show "Arthur"?

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How did Chuckie's mom die in the tv show "Rugrats"?

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What's the name of D.W.'s imaginary friend on the tv show "Arthur"?

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