Can You Pass This Fifth Grade Pronunciation Test?

If you don't know how to pronounce these words, ask a fifth grader!

Valerie Mack
Created By Valerie Mack
On Jul 18, 2017

Epitome. Adjective. As in "She is the epitome of class."

Meme. Noun. As in "I shared a funny cat meme with you."

Coax. Verb. As in "I need to coax the bunny from his hiding space."

Banal. Adjective. As in "This lecture is so banal."

Antagonist. Noun. As in "Draco Malfoy is the antagonist of the story."

Nonchalant. Adjective. As in "The spy had to be nonchalant."

Oasis. Noun. As in "Meet me at the oasis."

Narrator. Noun. As in "The narrator of this story is not the main character."

Banquet. Noun. As in "He asked her to the banquet."

Choir. Noun. As in "She loves singing with the choir."

Mischievous. Adjective. As in "The dog is mischievous."

Kilometer. Noun. As in "I can only run one kilometer."

Mauve. Adjective. As in "My favorite color is mauve."

You passed!

You passed!

You passed! You have the pronunciation skills of a fifth grader. Hey, that's no small accomplishment. Fifth graders learn some seriously complex words, and you know how to pronounce them like a star student. Good for you! You get a gold star.

You did not pass!

You did not pass!

You didn't pass. It's back to the fifth grade for you. Just kidding! Proper pronunciation isn't easy. Not everyone can do it. You're on your way, though, because now that you know the wrong way to pronounce these words, you can go back and try it again. You're sure to ace it this time.