How well can you find your way along Hadrian's Wall?

Hadrian's Wall offers great beauty, history and experience of the outdoors. But how much do you know about this majestic historic monument.

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On Mar 17, 2017
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The reservoir next to Cawfields was formed by quarrying. In which decade of the last century was the quarry closed?

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The milecastle at Cawfields was built at which weak spot in Hadrian's Wall?

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Which major Hadrian's Wall fort lies across the valley from Brunton Turret?

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Which road, known locally as the Military Road, runs adjacent to much of Hadrian's Wall?

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Hadrian's Wall's iconic Sycamore Gap starred in which 1990's film?

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Which Roman God was worshipped at Hadrian's Wall's Brocolitia Temple?

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The spectacular view of Hadrian's Wall from Steel Rigg includes which lough (lake)?

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Heddon-on-the-Wall, offers a good view of Hadrian's Wall, but you can also find a non-Roman kiln here. From which era does it date?

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To the North & South of Hadrian's Wall, dug-out and raised structures follow much of the wall. What are these called?

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Much of the stone for Hadrian's Wall came from a local geographical feature. What is this feature called?

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Each Hadrian's Wall Turret also has a Milecastle Number. What number is Black Carts Turret?

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Many thanks to our Quizz partner, the Twice Brewed Inn. The Pub/Hotel is on the Military Road, the B6318. Who oversaw the road's construction?

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