Pop Quiz: Famous OU Figures

You know that OU is a breeding ground for awesome people, but which Sooners went on to claim fame?

University of Oklahoma
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Who received a degree in business and law from the University of Oklahoma in 1968 and went on to own the Denver Broncos?

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Which OU Spirit Team made an appearance in the new Kings of Leon music video for their song, All Around the World?

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Which President of the University graduated from Yale, served as Oklahoma Governor, and was a U.S. Senator?

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Which recent OU grad is training at The Second City, a breeding ground for famous comedians and SNL cast members, in Chicago?

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Who was the youngest dancer ever accepted to the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo who went on to fund the first fully accredited university dance program in the United States, the School of Dance at the University of Oklahoma?

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Who won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996 for the 4X400 track and field relay?

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Who received The American Historical Association's Award for Scholarly Distinction in 1987 for their work that specialized in Native American History?

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Who earned their Master of Science degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1961 and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to be the first director of the Strategic Defense Initiative (A.K.A director of a NASA program) in April 1984?

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