Will you win an award for how well you know the nominees?

The 2018 Academy Awards are right around the corner. How well do you know the nominees? Take this quiz to find out!

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On Feb 22, 2018
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Which lead actor nominee wrote his first play at the age of nine?

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Which lead actress nominee is the second youngest to receive three oscar nominations before the age of 24?

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If Meryl Streep wins this year's academy award for best lead actress, what will her grand total be?

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True or False: Octavia Spencer is the second African American actress to receive an Oscar nomination after already having won one.

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Which best supporting actor nominee is a strong activist for the legalization of marijuana?

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How many days did director Ridley Scott and actor Christopher Plummer take to re-shoot "All the Money in the World?"

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Which nominee donated $1 million to Save Africa's Children?

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What unusual hobby did Margot Robbie have growing up?

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What major movie franchise was Sally Hawkins an extra in?

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Which nominee has contracted yellow fever?

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