Which Queen Are You

Are You the Queen of Love? Or maybe you're the Queen of Power. Let's find out!

Your Majesty Oriana
Created by Your Majesty Oriana
On Jul 1, 2019
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Choose a Home to Live in.

Let's be basic. Choose an Animal you relate to.

Do you enjoy telling people what to do?

Scenario: It is your coronation day. What is your first official act as Queen?

Choose a Famous Singer

Scenario: You have been betrayed by your closest and most loyal advisor. This betrayal has put you and your people's lives in danger. How do you respond?

Choose a Game of Thrones Queen you Admire.

Scenario: You find that your subjects and nobles at court are disagreeing with your policies. How do you resolve this?

How would you like to have your dinner?

Choose a Dream City to Live in.

Queen of Desire

Queen of Desire

Ambition is truly the driving force of your life. Though you are not outwardly ambitious. You work behind the scenes to rise to the top. You will never stop climbing, no matter who or what is in your way. With the ability to work around any obstacle and adapt to any situation, you will go far. You have a creative and cunning mind, a true strategist. 

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Queen of Power

Queen of Power

Strong and dignified, you are the Queen of Power. You don't move mountains, you destroy them til they are nothing but rubble. You will also protect what is yours at all costs. Bravery and ferocity are your most prominent attributes. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is your main philosophy and your inner strength cannot be outmatched.

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Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain

Ironically, you are the most compassionate queen. You place the well-being of others far before your own. However, due to giving yourself to others often, you tend to retreat from people to catch a break. This makes you seem distant to other people. You tend to be secluded, and prefer to keep things to yourself. Empathy and understanding are your key characteristics. They're why we need more of you in the world.

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Queen of Love

Queen of Love

Don't ever let someone rain on your parade. Your life is an endless celebration. You have an unmatched zest for life and a boundless optimism. Some can mistake you as an airhead, but you are just a dreamer first and foremost. You easily create connections and relationships with others due to your easygoing and magnetic personality. Keep spreading the love, Queen of Love.

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Your Majesty Oriana Presents: Which Queen Are You?